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Sewage Treatment Plants are Essential to Life

Chemical sewage treatment is a part of the hygiene infrastructure in modern day society. It is this sewage treatment for domestic waste that keeps us safe and healthy in the developing world. It is the lack of any kind of sewage treatment process and treatment facility which is responsible for poor sanitation in third word countries which is why there is so much disease and sickness when crisis hits the region.

They might not be pretty and they may not smell good, but sewage treatment plants are a fact of life in most neighborhoods in the United States. Ours is on the way out of town, and the smell can be overwhelming when you drive over the bridge. However, it has to be there because once they treat the sewage it is released into the river. Though they say that what is released is actually cleaner than what we drink out of our tap, it makes me never want to touch the water in another river for as long as I live.

Sewage treatment plants are essential to life. Without them we would have to dispose of tons of raw sewage each hour, and that could get very messy very fast. If the sewage treatment plants didn’t exist, we would probably be up to our knees in raw sewage. There would be disease everywhere, and people would die left and right. They may stink, but they are definitely something that we need to have in our lives. Even though I think some places could have thought ahead a little better about where they put their facility, I accept that once in a while I might have to wrinkle my nose when passing by for the sake of our health.

The sewage treatment plants near me all stink the most in the summer. My husband uses them as an excuse. I can’t tell the difference between one of his passing gas sessions and the smell of the sewage treatment plants. What’s worse is that the cheese factory that we drive by on the way to his mother’s house smell even worse. You have to wonder what they are putting in that cheese. At least the treated water at the sewage plant is not something I have to put into my mouth, well, not directly.

Though sewage treatment plants are smelly and seem to be an eyesore, you should take some time to see what your town does with the treated water. Most will dump it into a river or stream, and they make sure that the treated water is indeed safe for anyone or anything that may drink it. Though the treated water from the sewage treatment plants is safer than the water in my sink, I am thankful it is not directly recycled that way. Even if it’s safe, I still couldn’t forget where it was coming from.

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